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Day 11 to 15

Day eleven to fifteen are all over and I couldn’t find time to write résumés, sorry about that!

Day eleven: I met two amazing girls, thanks to my host, with whom I could pass the day. We first went to Asakusa, which is a shrine (I think or a temple) and there is a relatively big market, but I did not buy anything lol. The shrine was very detailed and it really impressed me (again). After lunch, we went to Odaiba, and after looking around the shops, we headed to… Karaoke! I must say that the karoke in Japan are way more sophisticated than our karaoke (with books… *cough* let’s continue). Two hours and half later, we had diner and then just walked around, talking! I am very glad I got the chance to meet these two wonderful girls and I had a very pleasant day with them!

Day twelve: first relaxing day since my departure! I could sleep until 10:00 and we headed to Ginza around 2:00, where we didn’t really stopped to visit because we actually were going to Kabuki (kind of japanese opera). The particularity is that all actors, even female rôles, are played by men. There was 3 stories for the evening and 2 of them were very interesting (the other one, I could just not understand what was going on even with english translation lol). So yes, a very good experience that I recommand!

Day thirteen: Second day with my host’s nephew. Started by losing 40 minutes because we couldn’t find each other at the station lol. We finally headed to Akihabara, which is.. the weird side of Japan I guess. Many manga stuff (but mostly weird mangas lol) and electronics shops. Many “kawaii” stuff too. Conclusion, we continued kind of early to Ueno park and zoo, where I saw giant PANDAS for the first time!!! I could have passed my whole day there but yeah we kind of had to move on at some point lol. After Ueno we visited a museum, plenty of historical stuff, interesting but we didn’t stay too long either. We then went to the movie theatre (yes ok I wanted to see how the movie theatres are in Japan, i know…) and their theatres are actually very different from ours. First, the theatre was located on like 6 floors… so it is pretty huge. Also, you have a reserved seat, like in planes or stuff like that! I think that’s a good idea, because if you reserve early enough on internet you can be sure to have a good place without waiting in lines so! For diner: ramens lol!

Day fourteen: Kind of short day to resume but long day concretely. I met my host’s parents and we all went to a shrine or temple (I mix them up when I don’t have the pictures in front of me sorry!) and we had soba (japanese noodles) for lunch. People were making noises while eating their soba and that kind of made me unconfortable but oh well, japanese do that so what can I do! After that, my host’s son had something so we went to the appartment of a friend of my host for a little party because there was fireworks starting at 6:30. The friend’s appartment is located on the 42th floor… That might be the highest I ever been (or is the middle of the eiffel tower higher?). Any way, the fireworks were very beautiful and there was a pokemon part lol! Japan!

Day fifteen: Last day in Japan. We visited two last temples (well one temple and one shrine if I remember correctly). We also went to shibuya for last minute shopping (I bought one pair of shoes and one cute asian style dress) before having little problems, but now it is ok. After shopping, we had diner at a sushi restaurant where the chef makes the sushi in front of you and it was very good and the chef was super kind and funny! It was a great last day!

So this is it for Japan! I definitely want to come back as soon as possible, and I recommand it strongly. It is a beautiful country with much to offer! I really had a lot of fun and I will miss all my new friends and my super hosts! I just arrived at Jeju island and I already miss everyone! I hope I’ll stay in touch with them!

On this, I’m starting my first day in Korea, alone lol! Going to take it easy so yes, short resumé probably tonight!



Day 10 

Day ten kind of short résumé!

I went with my host’s nephew to… Disney Sea! Had a lot of fun, since there was only one attraction I had already taken in Disney World florida, which was Tower of terror, but the story of the attraction is different so it was as if I hadn’t already done it and I could really enjoy it!

The waiting wasn’t bad at all, the longest we waited was around 35 minutes, so we could do all the interesting attractions and see many shows that were presented through the whole day. The only thing we couldn’t do was Toy story mania because it was a new attraction and the waiting there was horrible so we decided to skip it.

Other than that, I had a few jumpscares (yes, at disney… I know… but it was in the dark, and I’m very scared of that!) and it was very funny.

So yes, a very enjoyable day!



Day 9

Day nine: in tokyo again!

First, sorry for not posting any resumé yesterday and the day before, but the day before would have been too short since I was stuck in the shinkansen due to heavy rain. I had great food and great time in the evening, but was sick after not so long so I had to lie down soo very short day.

Yesterday, we went to a shrine, where two weddings were celebrated so we could see the kind of traditional wedding, which was very fascinating. We then visited a shopping street for young people, went on another commercial avenue and went to ben & jerry’s restaurant for an ice cream. Finally, we went to a small museum where we could see paintings of traditional japanese monsters: very different from our monsters!

As for today, we started at the Edo museum, where a very kind and interesting guide explained to us a long period of the history of japan. From my canadian perspective it was very nice to learn more about the history of another country (and where there is more to speak about then just indiens…).

After that we headed to pokemon center (yes again, and yes I bought some more useless stuff, thank you). This pokemon center is very different from the one in osaka though, much bigger with more variety and of course, more people. But it was a nice shopping time and I think my host’s son liked it too lol.

We finally went to another museum exposing japanese paintings but also other countries paintings and other arts that were inspired by japanese’s arts. Very interesting to see how much the japanese arts have influenced european and american’s arts. Even more interestig when you can compare them side by side!

and that’s it for today, tomorrow will be a tiring day so I don’t know if I’ll post the resumé tomorrow evening or wednesday morning!



Day 6

Day 6: last day in Oasaka area.

We first headed to the Osaka castle, which you shouldn’t miss if you go to Osaka, and its inside museum. Very interesting for both the view and the museum: I could see many stuff that were used at samuraï’s time!

After, at the history museum, we could see the evolution of the history of japan through replicas. It was very interesting.

We then went to the same commercial street we went yesterday to go to a food sample shop. We could make them ourselves, and I did small panda onigiri! Cute!

For the evening we just relaxed, watched Harry potter in japanese (the voices are soo weird for me!) and had a delicious diner for my final day here! We also found food at the super market which were written in weird french so it was very funny!

And that’s it for day 6!



Day 5

Day 5 is also over! Wow, already!

First, I got an onigiri for breakfast, just like in mangas and animes. It’s weird, but really worth a try.

We then headed to Nara. On the train to there, I got two fans: two little girls wouldn’t stop looking at me because I wasn’t japanese, lol! It was kind of cute I guess.

Once in Nara, I saw why it’s kind of famous for its deers: they’re EVERYWHERE. Apparently there’s more than a thousand wild deers there, and they’re very friendly to human. As I love animals, I wanted to pet them all and to feed them. So I tried to do so but a group of them saw the food and all rushed on me and started to try to eat ME instead of the food. They got my stomach fat and my butt (I guess I’m delicious lol) and also tried to eat my bag, so I had to give the food very quickly to them. Might be scary for some, but I just thought it was funny and a good memory!

We also went to a temple, where there’s a statue of a HUGE buddha. Just for dimensions, a human can actually fit in its nostril… And there’s a hole behind it that is the same dimension of the nostril and if you can fit, it’s good luck. Didn’t try though, lol! We had diner at Nara too and I could try some specially fried pork.

We then went to another temple a bit farther from Nara, more in the countryside, and the temple and pagoda there were very impressive: it’s just like in movies! The problem was encountered when we tried to find a taxi: since it’s so countryside, there were no taxis near so we had to walk and the drivers weren’t even there. But oh well…

After a quick break at the house, we headed to a vey commercial streets to meet some friends. Apparently, this was where young people go to meet with other people to kind of flirt lol. We tasted the famous Osaka’s pizza, which didn’t look like pizza at all but was still very very good! We then walked around a bit and took pictures in a machine that’s suppose to make you look more beautiful, but our eyes only got weird and huge so it was hilarious.

In the end, this was a great funny day, full of good memories!



Day 4

Short resumé for day 4! Plenty of shopping, first at the green mall, which is a mall but with many gardens, and at the pokemon center (this is the place I’ve spent the most money… oh well).

Diner at my host’s parents house. We had sukiyaki and tempura: DELICIOUS!!! It was a very good evening!

That’s pretty much it soo yeah!



Day 3

Tiring but awesome day three is over!

woke up at 6:30 because of birds… here too lol! Let’s go to Kyoto!

We first went to a cafe where you can eat japanese breakfast. It really is a splendid cafe with a nice view on a garden. The food is also very good, ressembles a soup with rice and fish. I also tried wasabi… two glass of water later, I still had the strong taste in my mouth!

After breakfast, a little bit of wandering, searching for sales, and amazingly there was Kimono on sale! So I now officially have my own kimono! Around there, was a kind of car for a festival, in which women aren’t allowed for traditional reasons (but only in that specific car). Too bad, but we could at least get a sneak peek.

We then headed for the golden temple, which is made of pure gold. Pretty impresive to see! and the view was absolutely beautiful.

After the temple, it’s time for a shrine. The shrine in itself was very impressive, but the garden around was just breathtaking. Such a MAGNIFICANT japanese garden. Many pictures taken!

Then, we visited the manga museum. It was pretty fascinating to see how the drawing style had changed since 1945! There was a huge collection of about 200 000 or 300 000 mangas and it is possible to read any of them. Unfortunately they were almost all in japanese, but it’s a great opportunity when you know the language.

Then, we went to a restaurant (I guess you can call it this way) where you can eat and see how japanese sweets are made. They were the summer sweets but they look so nice and the way of making it is so delicate. And the best part is, there’s no fat at all in these sweets! Kind of healthy sweets, I could eat those everyday!

Finally, a little more shopping, bought some more stuff for family and friends. And for diner, some good old pizza!

And that’s it for day 3!

souvenirs resume:
family: 4/10
friends: 3/5

p.s. I found the weird toilets that you have to crouch yourself to use!!!!!



Day 2

Day two is over too. Already…

So today, for the morning, nothing much but taking the Shinkansen to Osaka to meet my mom’s friend. So the adventure in Osaka begins!

A little lunch in a very nice restaurant first, where you have to take your shows off and you have the little cushions!

A bit of shopping to start. We went to a one dollar shop, which was also bigger than many of our stores so… why is everything so big here? We also wandered around a bit and I could buy myself some nice chopsticks! So yes, some nice shopping to begin this journey.

After, we went to a game center where there’s many arcade games, but the best was the drum one, which reminds me of guitar hero but with a drum instead of a guitar. It was pretty funny!

At that time, it was getting around diner time, so we went to a sushi bar, where the sushi actually go around and you take whichever you want! I was very excited about this and the food was delicious!

And that was pretty much my day!
Also, yesterday I forgot to mention something i noticed. The streets and the way of driving. And I’m not talking about the fact that they don’t drive on the same side. Their streets are very very very narrow! Like, a one way for us is perfectly fine for a two ways for them! with people walking on the street because in these narrow streets, there’s no sidewalk! I would definitely never drive there, I would probably hit someone. Besides, you know how in Quebec we have to have at least 1 meter between the people and our car? Here, 3 CENTIMETERS is alright, and I’m only exagerating by one bit! Yeah that kond of scares me, lol!

And that concludes today’s resume!

souvenirs resume:
for family: not done
for friends: 2/5 done



Day 1

Day one in Japan is already over. First, we went to Daikan-yama, which is a small site with some boutiques. There was a book store, bigger than I’ve ever seen, with a huge variety of things. On the second floor was a cafe where you can actually read books from the store while drinking your cofee or eating your food. At that time, I still hadn’t seen many people as in movies.

But after that, we went to Shibuya, and that is where everybody is. The famous crossing in movies is there and there’s as much people as shown. It’s crazy how many people there are! Luckily I could video tape the crossing. Also, at Shibuya there was the Hachiko statue, and many many shops that I could explore. However, the shops, in opposite to montreal’s shops, are very tall and many of the “famous” ones have about 6 floors! Yeah, they’re tall!

After going to Shibuya, we headed to the lantern festival, which is held every year and where, obviously, there is a lot of lanterns. It is located in a shrine, and there is a lot of small street shops, many of them serving delicious food, which I had the chance to taste, including japanese fried chicken, bbq, noodles and most surprisingly, octopus in a ball… yup, I tried octopus. (kind of proud of myself for trying that! and it’s actually not even bad, it’s kind of good but the texture is weird lol).

And that’s it for day one!

souvenirs resume:
for the dog: done
for family : not done
for some friends: 1/5 done



I was reading an article on how to get more sleep and this happened…it’s telling me not to blog and then it shows me half naked Taeyang… THIS IS NOT HELPING

I was reading an article on how to get more sleep and this happened…it’s telling me not to blog and then it shows me half naked Taeyang… THIS IS NOT HELPING